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There is no other patented technology
in the industry like this!

Customizable Application


Our team customizes the Move Captain™ app for your business. We will work with you to build a company profile that includes your brand, logo, business information and tagline and then we will provide you with a licensed and branded version of the app. The app will refine your lead generation process resulting in better lead conversion and better customer satisfaction. To start the process of getting your own branded application click here.


New Age Technology


By escaping the traditional methods of receiving a moving estimate, we’ve discovered ways to save your company time and money, while enhancing the customer's moving experience. Move Captain™ allows any smartphone to capture both videos and pictures of their household goods. In less than five steps they can submit their visual inventory to you. The next step is having your move coordinators or sales team follow-up and close these high quality leads.


Increase Brand Awareness

Position your brand to increase recognition and enhance
customer engagement.


Save Time & Money

Eliminate the need and costs
associated with sending out
in-home estimators.


Higher Sales Conversions

The Move Captain™ app is optimized for quality lead generation. The result: higher conversion rates.


Input Move Logistics

Your customer will input their move logistics including moving to and from zip codes, move date, type of move, the number of rooms being moved and have the option to purchase additional services. See for yourself:


Create A Visual Estimate

Next, your customers will use photos and videos to capture each room that they would like moved. Your customers can review each picture and video, and decide which media files they want to keep or discard before moving onto the next steps.


Review Move Information

The final step before a customer submits their information is the review process. They will be given a summary of all the logistical information they put in the app with the option to go back and make changes or add additional information.


Submit Request For Estimate

Now that all the logistical information, photos and videos have been uploaded, the customer's lead is submitted directly to your business. They will receive an email confirmation with a job number. Your customer will have a click-to-call button for one-touch dialing should they have any questions after submitting their estimate request.


After Booking, Clients Manage Their Move

Once your customer has submitted their lead and booked the move with you, more tools will become available to them. The Move Captain™ app allows your customers to keep track of the progress of their move, all from the palm of their hand. If you have a compatible CRM, anytime you update the status of your client's move in your system, the app will automatically update the information on your client's device.

Who can use the Move Captain™ app?

Anyone who is preparing to relocate or move long distance will find great value in this app. By escaping the traditional methods of sitting behind a computer and going through step after step of entering basic move information, we have discovered ways to save your business time and money, while enhancing the customer's moving experience. Move Captain™ allows any smartphone to capture both video and pictures of household goods. The moving industry is advancing and this app will keep you ahead of the curve. Customers want convenience and ease, luckily for you, we've bundled it into the Move Captain™ app.

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